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Wk 7- Artist Conversation- Juliana Bustillo and Tidawhitney Lek

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Exhibition Information:

Artist: Juliana Bustillo and Tidawhitney Lek

Exhibition: Doodle in Space

Media: Installation, mixed media

Gallery: Werby Gallery

Social media: @juliaanaaaab @tidawhitney


This gallery is intended to be a non-degree gallery as Juliana Bustillo stated. From the two artists of the “Doodle in Space,” gallery I was able to interview Juliana Bustillo. Bustillo is an undergraduate student obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with the emphasis in Drawing and Painting. In addition, this is her last semester and took the opportunity to make this gallery along with her partner whom she shares a lot in common from contemporary abstract painting and oil painting.

The exhibition, “Doodle in Space,” contains a variety of media. To do such exhibition the artists used butcher paper both black and white, acrylic paint, adhesives, dry wall and toilet seat paper which in my opinion is very innovative. As Bustillo mentioned created the gallery in the sense that the views would not be able to tell apart which artist did what, therefore the work of both artists is well mixed. In addition, the black and white paper was created to represent different patterns and arranged differently throughout the given space of the room.

The result of the exhibition was actually not what the artists imagined it to be, yet they saw this as a teaching experience for them. If given another chance the artists would take it to redo the exhibition and try to portray what they actually wanted. Bustillo and Lek hoped to work the space going inside-out, yet it turned out to be quite the opposite working outside-in. This gallery is considered an installation form of art which turned out to look theatrical, whimsical and playful. However, the artists manipulated the space from wall to wall and the center in order to portray this 2D exhibition.

In my opinion this exhibition has been quite different from all other exhibition I have seen so far during the semester. It probably is since the whole room was taken advantage of and the 2D installation was very innovative. In addition, I enjoyed how in each different area of the room there was a different space or different vibe. That is because the patterns never repeated and the black and white played with the eyes overlapping each other and changing throughout.



Wk 7- Classmate Conversation- Cassandra Rodriguez


This week I met Cassandra while walking through the galleries. I found out she is a third year student and is majoring in Theater Arts with an emphasis in Performance. In addition, she works in the Arts Bridge Program that is sponsored via CSULB, which teaches elementary schools in Long Beach about the arts and theater. I thought that program was really cool, since I always enjoyed Meet the Masters, a program they had at my elementary school that also taught students about famous artists and allowed the students to do art themselves. Furthermore, Cassandra works on campus too, she works inside the bookstore in the I.D. picture section. She usually is at school for long hours based off her classes and work as well as rehearsal, so for Mondays she is at school from 8 A.M. until 12 A.M. and that is because rehearsals usually go from 10 P.M. until 12 A.M. Aside from school and work Cassandra spends her time with her boyfriend which they were actually going to go to Disneyland after school Wednesday since it was not going to be too crowded that day as she got notified through an app that lets her knows when Disneyland is busy or not.


Wk 6-Art Experience- Flip book or Zine

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I enjoyed doing this activity because I used it in a way to express an issue that I find important. Child Labor and Forced Labor, is an issue that has been going on for years and to my surprising I ended up finding brands that I did not think were involved in using children for the production of their garments and products. Even though some brands have said they stopped using this form of labor, evidence still shows that it continues. Like Apple, who most recently has been using children to mine for cobalt in toxic environments. This zine is one that would bring awareness to everyone  who gets a chance to see it and realize they can make a change. People can take action by becoming better consumers and no longer buying products from these brands. At first, I had so many different topic of what to make my zine which was hard to choose only one, yet I found it to be very engaging to put out there an issue that matters. If I were to redo this activity I would print the image on the paper and then form the zine, whereas, I created the zine without the pictures so then I had to cut and paste them on..

Wk 6- Artist Conversation-Short Story


*Meme Show*

Carmina Correa and Vanessa Olivarez

Watercolor on canvas paper

Appox: 20″ x 24″


CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

In the town of Biscuit Ville, Bodhi was an ordinary civilian living a normal life. His life began to seem like a routine doing the same thing every day. He would wake up, get ready for work, work long shifts, go home, watch television, eat dinner and fall asleep. However, schedules at work began to change and Bodhi was transferred to the night shift. Bodhi was a security guard at the town’s prestigious power plant, yet he aspired to go out and explore the world. Moreover, on the day of his first night shift Bodhi was ready for his first day. Feeling quite odd of the change, he chose to ignore it and clocked into work.

At his post for the night, Bodhi began to feel tired and bored because there was no one else to talk to like there is during the day shifts. However, he began reading a book to cope with this grave yard shift. Hours began to pass and Bodhi was falling asleep when all of a sudden he heard a noise. He jumped to his feet and grabbed his flashlight. He saw through the cameras the noise was coming from an outside building, so he went to check it out. Upon arrival, Bodhi saw the chain and the lock to the doors were cut, so quietly he went inside tip toeing so no sound would be heard. Everything was quiet and dark so he kept walking this time step by step behind another. Bodhi was so cautious to see what he would find inside the building that he forget to check where he was stepping. Next thing he knew he was faced down on the floor, and saw he had slipped on some kind of spill. He sat up and flashed his light to the puddle and came to realize it was not water but instead toxic waste. Bodhi tried to get on his feet, yet felt too drowsy and lost his balance that he ended up passing out. It was 4:30 A.M. and he randomly got up, Bodhi had forgotten how he got there, but he knew the next guard would be there shortly. As the next guard arrived he realized Bodhi seemed odd but he just thought it was the tiredness of his first grave yard shift so he laughed and clocked in. Bodhi left home and felt normal, yet really thirsty and sleepy.

At home Bodhi felt his body odd but he as well blamed it on his shift however his pet rabbit starred and hid from him. Bodhi just ended up falling asleep, yet around midnight he felt sick and shivers all over so he tried to get up. Instead, rapidly he out grew his bed and kept growing and growing. Bodhi was a giant and all he felt was rage building up inside him, yet the only way to let it out was with laser eye vision coming out of his eyes. He was no longer Bodhi, but instead DOGZILLA, as new reporters kept calling him. Soon enough he was destroying all Biscuit Ville and no one knew how to stop him. Until a scientist from back in the lab jumped from a helicopter above Bodhi’s head and shot him with an antidote to get rid of the toxic waste that had entered his body. In just seconds Bodhi came to a crash and hit the floor, however the people in Biscuit Ville demanded for him to be supervised until they knew what to do with him. Late at night, no one realized Bodhi turned back to his regular size, yet instead of staying he ran away and never came back. From that day on no one knew if Bodhi or DOGZILLA was still alive or if he would ever come back.



Wk 5- Art Experience- Automatic Drawing

This art experience by far has been the most difficult one. It was really interesting to do, yet hard to lose control and relax. It took my sister and I awhile to come into full relaxation mode. At first we started off really stiff and where almost forcing where to move the crayon. Then, we switched colors and who held the crayon first, yet we ended up complaining of each other trying to take control of the motion of the crayon. By the third color change we began to let go slowly and just tried to relax. In addition, we played soothing music to fully let us relax and empty our minds. Therefore, by the last two colors we used I feel we knew how to fully let go and relax which I feel showed in the way the colors flowed smoothly instead of being stiff lines.

As a result I feel when using one color only it is probably a better way to go about this experience because that lets you keep flowing the crayon or pencil without having to stop after awhile to change the color. I feel it fully lets you relax without and disruptions. In contrast, using different colors lets you see how stiff one started at first and shows how smooth and relaxed both people were by the time the last color was used. The only downside to switching colors is that every time you stop to get the new color you have to get out of your relaxation mode and try to get back into it if for any reason either person lost focus. Either way in the end in my opinion this art experience teaches one to relax and let go, so that one’s subconscious can express itself.

Wk 5-Artist Conversation- Yeri Hwang


Exhibition Information:

Artist: Yeri Hwang

Exhibition: Within Us

Media: Studio Art, Illustration and kinetic sculpture, and electricity

Gallery: Max. L Gatov East

Instagram/ Tumblr: yeriyeti


The artist Yeri Hwang is graduating this year as an undergraduate student. She will obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree with the emphasis in Studio Art. The artist made her exhibit about the journey of life and wanted to do something where the viewers can interact with each piece. Hwang used her past knowledge in theater and mythology which she applied it to this exhibit which connects cross culturally.

Yeri Hwang used various materials in this exhibit. She used wood, plaster, latex, dry wall, acrylic, paint, batteries and the use of electricity. Hwang was prepared for any malfunction and had extra supplies especially batteries. Since she wanted her viewers to connect with each piece, she set instructions for people to follow. Therefore, each piece required the viewer to touch and watch how the art work would react to that, however other art work in the exhibit required one to write down something in a paper as a way of interacting with the art work depending what the instructions asked for. Each piece was a complete new art work, yet they were inspired by old projects she had made before.

Hwang knowing of theater described had an interaction with this exhibit as she said there seems to be a theatrical wall in our lives where one can look back to the past, yet one has to have the power to forgive what has happened in the past and keep moving forward. However, people perceive strangers assuming they are fine by looking at the outside, yet knowing nothing of how they are in the inside and as Yeri said, “In the end it is okay to be honest and break through that wall expressing how one feels.” In addition, this exhibit not only has a connection to Hwang’s life but to the life of others and what they go through in life as she observed. Since Hwang’s exhibit is about the journey of life she figured everyone can relate to a story of their own life. The piece that has different gears, “Progression,” symbolizes the progression of time and how things are changing through the lens one desires to see the world through. In “Destination and Mystery,” the meaning behind describes one looking for a place of belonging. Which the destination can be anything from a home to one’s dream job. That is why there is a window as a way to show one is searching. The piece, “Choice and commitment,” symbolizes the point in which one has the power to take over. As Hwang state, “you are the chosen one in your story in your narrative,” therefore we all have a destiny and sometimes we just need to figure it out. Which leads to the piece, “Acceptance and Forgiveness,” when one has found their path and/or purpose one needs to forgive and not regret the stages that helped build one today.

As I walked through the exhibit and interacted with each piece I can say I did grow a connection with each piece and grew an understanding of what part of life they connect within mine. I admire Hwang’s work and how not only she made an exhibit that connects with her life, but can connect to everyone is some way as she said it connects cross culturally. I definitely can relate to the piece, “Destination and Mystery,” where I find myself almost all the time searching for where I need to be in life and reassure my goals in order to not give up. As well as faith when I lose it during times of stressful situations in school, life and work.

Wk 4- Art Experience- Art Care Package

23 -year-old boyfriend in Huntington Beach, CA

I chose to do my ACP on places my boyfriend and I have gone and some of memories we have made together. It consists of maps, pictures, amulets, concerts and festivals like the Holi Festival of Colours, and holidays we have celebrated together. I chose my boyfriend because despite our daily routines with work and school it is nice to know someone cherishes you. In addition, while choosing what to include into my ACP it made me pin point where each item came from and how that day was spent. I feel each piece I chose has a story behind it and actually inspired me to continue traveling with my boyfriend and collect more things that will be a memorable souvenir to us. At first it was hard to decide what to focus on until I decided instead of just sending things about my relationship with my boyfriend, I would send the adventures we have done together and the memories we have made in different places.

  1. Sending an ACP is similar to a Snapchat because one has to decide what they are trying to send to another person and then eventually send it. In addition, for both once they are sent one cannot take them back and replace them right away.
  2. Sending an ACP takes time to get delivered to the other person and one physically has to mail the ACP. Then, one has to wait a couple of days until they get feedback from the other person. In contrast, a Snapchat gets sent in seconds to the other person and one can instantly get feedback from the recipient right away. In addition, sending a Snapchat does not require one getting up from where they are at, so it can be sent when one is sitting down on the couch or eating lunch.
  3. I think ephemera is precious and brings so much memories and stories to tell with others. Like the items I chose to sent to my boyfriend each card or map has a story of how we spent that day and even how stains were made on tickets. Even though certain things do not physically say where they are from but it’s the meaning behind it is that is more meaningful. There is a chance something today will not have the same meaning to future generations but if stories pass down of certain items then probably the meaning will remain.
  4. There is a difference between art seen at a museum and from the specific person the ACP is sent to. In a museum many will or will not admire the art and story behind each piece of art work. Unless, one reads about the artist and then understands how the artist was inspired and then makes a connection with the art work. However, based on the items one chose to send to another person there is  a stronger connection between both people with each of the items. That is because you and the other person share certain memories or have something in common with what was in the ACP that others would not understand.
  5. Sending a Snapchat does send in seconds and one also gets a quick response back in compared to an ACP that takes days. Therefore, the ability to receive and send something in seconds makes it easier when one wants that quick response or needs to find out something quick. However, the time and effort of sending something that will take time is so much more meaningful. I always admired love letters that lovers would send and would have to wait for a letter to come in the mail for them. Slow can be better because one can think of the effort the other person took to write and send a letter and will eventually be awaiting for a response, whereas a Snapchat is too quick to have much effort put into it; in addition, it gets erased in seconds or within 24 hours.
  6. An ACP does carry more significance or “love,” as compared to a Snapchat. That is because one takes the time to put in specific items or write a detailed and expressed letter into an ACP. Whereas, a Snapchat one puts little to no effort on what is sent. Besides every piece sent in an ACP has a meaning that the other person knows of and can relate. In addition, the ACP may even bring out emotions from the recipient upon arrive if they do not know they are receiving it. Whereas, a Snapchat one opens it and replies and if they want they can reply it or completely ignore it but it won’t be there to be seen in the future.

Wk 4 – Artist Conversation- Joshua Vazquez

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Joshua Vazquez


Media: Painting and Drawing

Gallery: Gastov-East

Website: (email)

Joshua Vazquez is an undergraduate student pursing his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Painting and Drawing. The artist used to write poetry which he still enjoys and has included some phrases into his work of art. In particular in this exhibit he chose to portray the phrase, “I LOVE THE WAY YOU FALL ASLEEP.” In addition, his work is inspired by Los Angeles sunsets in various areas.

In this exhibition one can tell the different colors graduations the artist used in order to form what he saw in different sunsets around Los Angeles. The way he fades on color into another whether it is horizontally or vertically as if the colors are flowing like mimicking the motion of the sun setting. In other pieces of his work one can tell the monochrome of blues, oranges and greens. However, in every piece in this exhibit the artist used a form of oil on each canvas, even when there was previously graffiti on the canvas and he buffed out the words. Moreover, Joshua Vazquez’s art is very serene and gives his audience a feeling of tranquility while imagining the Los Angeles sunsets.

This exhibit is of different sunsets around Los Angeles which inspired Joshua Vazquez. Being fond of Los Angeles and incorporating his poetry into this exhibit, he treated this city as a woman. In addition, his poetry phrases serve as his demonstration of affection towards her. Moreover, that is why the phrase, “I LOVE THE WAY YOU FALL ASLEEP,” is used throughout his work because as he said if he could tell her one of many things this would be one. To create the writing he used graffiti which he has always been fond of and even in a professional setting as an artist Vazquez still obtains his skill to graffiti since he has also admired it as a form of art. In addition, to avoid the cliché of works of art that involve sunsets and palm trees, Vazquez literally brought the palm trees to his exhibit which were painted black.

Going through Joshua Vazquez’s exhibit made me really vision different places where one sees the sun setting. I completely liked the idea of bringing in the palm trees as to painting them on the canvas itself. Especially since the palm trees were painted black, I imagined the shadows of the palm trees that form when the sun is setting. Personally I like sunsets therefore it gave me a feeling of tranquility and admiration walking through each piece of the exhibit.

Wk 3- Classmate Conversation- Tiffanie Ta


This week I got to meet Tiffanie Ta. Our conversation touched upon different topics: from our day, our major to each other’s culture. It started with how our day was going, from our conversation it seemed like we both had a slow start to our day from being late to sleepy, yet we made it to art class and got the chance to meet. Both of us have changed majors, I more times and she has, however now we’ve found something we like she is majoring in Health Care Administration and I’m going to declare into Kinesiology with a focus in exercise science. Next, I asked her if she could go anywhere or travel where would she go? Tiffanie chose Japan. Previously she has gone to Japan to visit a relative for awhile. To her surprise the city was so safe that she could go wander about alone without worrying and so she did. She went from her hotel to the nearest mall and as she walked through the streets she would encounter locals who were very kind. Definitely, she wants to go back to visit probably not live there but return since she loved the night life in Japan which she said reminded her of the night views in New York. Then, I found out that Tiffanie is Chinese and thought it was interesting how she knows Vietnamese as well which is because of her parents who are half Vietnamese and half Chinese in addition, she even knows a little Japanese. She has different Asian cultures within her family which I think it is so amazing! Lastly, we talked about how people sometimes have misconceptions of us for being a certain race for her it was that people will jump to think her last name is, “Nguyen,” since it’s a common Asian name. For me it will be that people think I have a common Mexican name or Americanized name for being Mexican. However, once I say my name is Misty people get a little shocked because it is not typical and its different. One part of meeting new people that I enjoy is knowing their name because all names have a further meaning or have a story behind it. For instance, while talking about names I asked Tiffanie if she had a middle name and she does which is Buu, so she usually gets people who think it’s  cute because it sounds like boo when they hear it. However, I ended up with a moment that moved me because I was the first person to ever ask her what Buu meant, and it means “Precious”, which honestly even though we were strangers it was a moment that touched me by seeing her reaction to my question and how she felt afterwards. It was a great conversation and I enjoyed meeting Tiffanie.

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