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Art 110- Sec 2- 1 PM

WK 12- Artist Conversation-

Wk 11- Artist Conversation- Yujia Gu








The artist of this exhibition Yujia Gu is a graduate student in the process of obtaining her Master of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Prior to pursing her Master’s degree Gu came to the United States as an international student from China. Which on China she obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design as well.

To convey her message throughout her exhibition, Gu used vinyl sticker material. It was used to demonstrate statistics, a repetitive message of gun violence across one of the walls and her title of the exhibition. In addition, Gu used technology to demonstrate countries around the world where gun violence is reported. In addition she has a recording of her mother and Gu translating which is based on her mother’s concerns with her daughter’s safety. Lastly, a powerful image in hung featuring the images of many children who have been victims of gun violence. As Gu stated she made this piece in black and white because she believes it conveys a more powerful meaning as it impacts the audience instead of it being in color.

The purpose of this exhibition is to promote awareness of gun violence mainly in the United States, but also from other countries. This message does not only go out to international students who wish to study in the United States, but are concerned for the gun violence heard that happens frequently in the U.S. This message goes out to others already in the United States, so they too can know how serious this issue is. It took a year of research to put this exhibition together, moreover Gu shared that once she began research for this topic she became interested in different cultures as well and how the gun violence affects them. Gu took the risk to move from China to the United States to study here, even though her mother was concerned for her safety since China hears of the awful gun violence that occurs and many targets of this problem are international students. It has been three years since Gu has lived here in the United States and in a way has accepted the gun violence constantly heard throughout the country. However, she hopes for gun control to improve and people become more aware of the problem and take action to help lower this type of violence.

To me personally this exhibition was very powerful. Especially when Gu told us that compared to China where carrying a gun is illegal, people here in the United States are constantly buying guns and voting against gun regulations. My opinion on guns is not completely against it nor is it completely for it. Like everything else it is upsetting that in the hands of the wrong people, terrible things happen especially when innocent lives are involved. In contrast, I do find a gun can obviously serve for its purpose of a form of protection. Nonetheless, this exhibition did bring awareness to me and shocked me in a way how the gun violence in the United States is compared to other countries such as Canada.


Wk 11- Classmate Conversation- Thida Mongkolvipakul, Jeniffer Ostroff, Antonella Redekosky and Kathryn Giometti


This week I got the chance to meet four different girls from both art 110 classes. From the many conversation we had, I learned Thida wants to become an occupational therapist. She is in the same situation as I am with declaring a major and being placed on hold because we are over the 60 unit mark. Jennifer on the other hand is a third year student like me, however she is a film major and moved from Pennsylvania to Long Beach, California. As she stated she left the East coast mainly to get away from the cold and the snow. In addition, both Antonella and Kathryn are both dance major and explained how competitive it is. As they stated not only is the life of a dance major just about mental work, it also involves physical work. In addition, we talked about how movies are different from the books most of the time, such as the Harry Potter movies compared to the books as well as the movie A Walk to Remember is different from the book. There is instances where I  personally enjoy the movie better, yet in my opinion books allow one to use their imagination to picture scenes as well as the characters. However, likewise to what the other girls said screen writers are very important since they can make a movie great or completely destroy it. Especially when trying to make a movie from a book. Overall it was a interesting conversation since we all come from different majors, yet we share similarities.

Wk 10- Artist Conversation- Amy Duran








The artist of this exhibition Amy Duran is a senior at CSULB, who is going to graduate this spring with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with the emphasis in Ceramics. Based on this exhibition she demonstrates a reoccurring theme of discovering herself and coming of age as one has to accept the transformation from childhood to adulthood.

The material mostly used in this exhibition was ceramics which all the figures were made out of. In addition, this exhibition was an interactive fable where each part of the story was on a different wall and was introduced by gold pages on a book. In addition, music was played in the background as a form that I would say played a part in setting the mood. Allowing the audience feel like they were reading a childhood story or fairytale.

The meaning behind this exhibition is that the animals throughout the fable are pets that Amy had and whom were part of her childhood life. As the fable story goes she is venturing with a bear living life, yet she encounters a wolf who is the symbol that reassures her that she is growing up and has to acknowledge the fact that she is an adult. A well as she has to face the differences that society has for a woman. However, the impact these pets had in her life is something she will always carry with her and that is why she has a cemetery in the last scene in this story.

For me, this exhibition did impact me in the sense that it is hard to let go and face the world when you have to grow up and let go of one’s childhood. In addition, throughout my childhood I too along with my sisters had a couple pets growing up and many did pass away but where definitely a part in our lives.

Wk 10- Art Activity-Architecture & Urban Planning-The Wedge


I chose to redesign the wedge of the FA4. My redesign is not drastic however, after spending awhile at this wedge I would not want to remove the tree. Instead all the dirt areas around the tree I would fill it up by planting flowers and leave the cement side walk as the only route to access the door that will lead to the second and third floor. In my opinion the tree and plants already in this area add a form of decoration to the plain white walls, so if they were to be removed the area would look plain. Even though now people will have to walk around the tree, hopefully they appreciate the beautiful flowers growing around. Moreover, future students will appreciate the beauty of nature especially since it is a source of oxygen for us. In addition, like mentioned this form of access to the building is not frequently used a lot whereas the west side of the building is constantly being used. Besides I would rather want people to walk around the tree than stepping on the soil, so with flowers in the way it will prevent people from stepping on it. This is not a drastic redesign to the wedge but I prefer the beauty of nature and this old tree so I would not have them gone.

Wk 9- Artist Conversation-Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition: RECUERDOS

Media: Decorative object, found objects, assemblage

Gallery: Max L. Gatov West Gallery

Social Media:

This gallery was a senior solo exhibition by the artist Dulce Soledad Ibarra. Ibarra is pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Sculpture. Most of her work is about family, survival’s guilt, immigrants, hostility, trauma and the sense of trying to be here.

This exhibition has a variety of media which all belonged to the artist’s aunt. The media range from various decorative and found objects. For instance, there is dolls, cages, a sewing machine, baby pictures, cassettes, a Mexican calendar, music boxes and a piano. To present the media the artist used her space in a way where the viewers are able to walk around and view the assemblage from different angles. In contrast, the objects were originally set in a room or elsewhere within a home.

The exhibition was not based off of memories as what the title of the exhibition stands for, “recuerdos,” but instead of what objects hold as a meaning of special moments and festivities. The idea that one can relive these moments forever is why Ibarra’s aunt kept all these decorative objects or so most people do. However, these were just objects to Ibarra, yet once her aunt passed away it all happened too quick that now she is trying to understand what the value of each object was to her aunt. Now Ibarra has found a new meaning to these objects which can also have the same meaning to others who view them as well. Some of the objects are yellow because as the artist stated it is an alarming color, closest to gold, it has a warmth, soft feeling that vibes off throughout the given space.

At the beginning as I walked through the gallery I recognized items that I too have seen at my house and in other Mexican families’ houses. I thought this gallery was going to be about Mexican-Heritage or objects that resemble growing up in a Mexican family. However, this perspective completely changed when I read the yellow pamphlet and understood the message that artist was trying to deliver. After that it made me think of my aunt as well who passed away not that long ago and how she left so much behind. The only thing I would wish is to have one more day with her and take advantage of the time I took for granted. In the end I felt touched by this exhibition because life does take away from one when we least expect it.

Wk 9- Art Experience- Graffiti Writing

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Picturing how I would do this activity came easy to mind, however when I started I was too far from the cardboard and went through a couple pieces until I got the outline in semi-bubble form. After that I went in with the white spray which was hard to keep the color on since the cardboard would absorb it, yet I managed to go over the inside a few times until the color stayed. Above the letter “t,” I tried adding a star which I have seen in some forms of tagging before. However, the star as well was harder to spray on that I originally thought it would be. I made me think of how graffiti artists have managed to develop that skill to keep spraying for a number of hours and produce some beautiful paintings. Then again there is also those graffiti artist who spray on walls so fast and manage to get their name or gang name painted clearly for others to see while trying to not get caught. Either way, this activity was interesting to do and enjoyed doing it.

Wk 8- Art Activity- Finger Painting


At first I did not know what to expect the results of finger painting would be. However, I was not in the best mood after a family issue, so then I decided to do this art activity. At first I just painted random dots everywhere using different colors. Then slowly I got into the activity and let go from my problems. I began to mix colors and then just flow my fingers through the paper. I ended up finding this activity easy and stress reliving. Stress reliving and a sense of liberation was felt while doing this art activity because there was not any restrictions or rules of how to do this art. Besides finger painting lets one express themselves and what they feel especially when listening to music. This form of painting is different from others because it is abstract and unique since there is multiple interpretations  of the art by any viewer. In addition, there is not a wrong or right form of finger painting as other forms of art might have.

Wk 8- Classmate Conversation- Yesenia Rios


I had the chance to meet Yesenia this week in class and learn a little bit about her. Yesenia is a third year and undeclared student like me, however she will be declaring into Child Development whereas I will declare into Kinesiology. The process to declare into Child Development is not too competitive as other major since it is easy to declare and there is a lot of availability of classes required for the major. Career wise Yesenia is looking into school counseling where she can still interact with students rather than being in a class room. For spring break, she does not have any plans as of now, yet she is looking forward to anything that might come up. However, since we spoke about how I want to start hiking she did recommend me a trail in Pasadena which she says leads to a waterfall. Which I think motivates one to go through the hike in order to see this waterfall. Lastly, I had noticed something on Yesenia’s hand which was henna and led to us talking about tattoos and how we both want some yet it is hard to choose and not regret it later. However, Yesenia does intend to find a tattoo which will have a meaning and decide where to get it done.



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