I enjoyed Art 110 more than I expected when I enrolled in the class. Not only did I learn about art but got to experience doing it as well as viewing the art of many different artists and their feel for the subject. A highlight to the class was always looking forward to going into the galleries and enjoying different forms of art as well as getting the chance to meet the artist. In addition, in my opinion bringing in more speakers if possible would be nice for future classes as well. Listening to Chantae Reden was not quite fully related to art, yet listening to her was motivating. At first using different forms of communication aside from BeachBoard seemed like it would be challenging, however, after the first two weeks with getting the hang of it I learned to like both Slack and WordPress. In a sense Slack is better then BeachBoard because communication is instantly and easy to manage, whereas BeachBoard I find it harder and complicated. For future classes I would still keep both Slack and WordPress.

Of the activities I enjoyed Sketching in the Garden because it was a complete different activity and was really peaceful. I also liked doing the Ethnography because it took a lot from one to make that change and it was quite amazing what one learned from giving up a resource from our daily lives. Lastly, I liked the Art Care Package because not only does it include meaningful items but who ever receives the package gets surprised and joy from it. I know because my boyfriend did when he received the package and was so surprised of the things I have kept and gave him.

My least favorite activities were the Landscapes with a Corpse because the whole time I kept thinking of my own death and was somewhat hard to process that future event. The next activity was the Graffiti Writing, even though I do not mind this form of art I did not fully find the process into doing this activity that exciting as other activities. Lastly, the Zines & Flip Books, I felt I really did not understand the concept of them and creating them was not so hard, but was not the most interesting since as well the subject was very broad.

Thank you for a great semester in ART 110 🙂 !!