This week I met Carry and Karen who are complete different majors from mine. Carry is a Health Care Administration major while Karen is a Pre-Business major. During the summer Carry plans to either find an internship in a hospital setting or get a job. She wants to find an internship based on her major to see if she will really like it before she graduates and just get a feel for what the job requires. For finals Carry is semi-stressing on her Medical Terminology class because even though it is a one unit course there is a lot expected from memorizing the terms to the homework load in the class. As for Karen she is a freshman and as she stated she felt her expectation for college was going to be more challenging than her first year has been. Overall, Karen has had a good year and has taken five classes in both semesters this year. As for summer, Karen will be in summer school enrolled in the Economics and perhaps in history as well at a community college. Lastly, the classes Karen is mostly stressing about for finals is her calculus class as well as her Economics class part A. Overall, these two ladies have very busy schedules even in different majors, yet have their summers planned out and are ready for the end of this semester as I am too. 🙂