1) Nurse Practitioner

The current occupation I am aiming to pursue is to become a nurse practitioner. Based on a five year plan starting with graduating in spring 2019 from California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with the concentration in Exercise Science Degree. Between my last year in undergraduate school until acceptance to the post- baccalaureate program I want to apply in California State University, Fullerton I will volunteer as well as work in a hospital setting in order to obtain experience. The experience gained will go towards points on the application point system in order to be considered a top applicant. Once admitted into the Accelerated BSN the program will last two years. Upon completion of the post-baccalaureate program I can apply into the Masters of Science in Nursing with the emphasis in Women’s Health Care program. This program will last years and then I can apply to an opening. Going with this route I feel confident I can achieve my goal, resource wise I can say applying to the right places will get me where I need to be. In the end becoming a nurse practitioner will impact others in the setting I will be working in and I will be completely satisfied. The above pictures are my rapid prototyping in the section of practicing with reading out lab results which I have been doing in my microbiology class.


2) Pastry and Bakery Store Owner

If becoming a nurse practitioner disappeared from one day to another I would try to start my own business as a pastry/ bakery store owner along with my sisters. With that being said I would change my major into Hospitality and graduate within two years. Then I would take extra baking classes and get certified in managing a food service place. To gain extra practice for a year and half I would apply to manage a franchise dessert shop. From gaining experience I would then go out on my own and open my business. Confidence wise I would actually be pretty confident since I would be running the business with my two sisters. Resources that would be needed would be gained through experience and certifications as well as licenses in order to run the place. The impact would be bringing flavors to either traditional or innovative desserts and my sisters and I would be completely satisfied. As a rapid prototyping I am portraying another form of practice since my sister and I baked this fruit tart to give to my mother on Mother’s Day.

3) Travel the World for Leisure and Help

If I was financially secure, I would want to be traveling the world without no worries. In addition to traveling I would like to spend my time helping children around the world in need. There really would not be a five year plan because I would just stop everything that I am doing and just book a flight and start unforgettable journeys. For this option I am not as confident as the other two options, yet it is not impossible to do. However, I would be completely satisfied doing this the rest of my life. The resources needed would include contacting Peace Corps since I would want to be with them helping children and just know information about each place I would want to go visit before hand. The impact done would be changing the lives of children through my journeys and filling my life with new life experiences. As a rapid prototyping I reconnected to my Linkedin account and looked up Peace Corps as well as other volunteer opportunities that aim to help children.