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This week’s art activity was at the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden at CSULB. I found this art experience very peaceful perhaps it was the setting which I found very tranquil. Moreover, I felt I got more intrigued at the sketches the further I went through the activity. My favorite one was C2 5-minute Contour Drawing- The Garden, I love it the most since it is not exactly alike the actual scenic view. However, when reading the title of this sketch it was totally different from what I thought one had to do. That is since to me the word contour means one is trying to define something or outline it such as when I contour my cheekbones with my make up. Therefore, when I read the instructions for this sketch I was curious to see what the results would be. In addition, the first 10 sketches done had me thinking it was going to be really easy since 30 seconds could possibly be enough for a sketch. I was totally wrong when I tried doing them, it felt as if 30 seconds where up when I was barely going to make a mark. Overall, this activity was really peaceful and I enjoyed it a lot.