This week I had a conversation with Anthony Estalilla who has quite a busy life compared to mine. We spoke about how stressed out he finds himself especially now with midterms coming up right before finals. In addition, he was carrying a whole bottle of Starbucks’s iced espresso flavored caramel macchiato which shows what his pick-up was to continue begin awake. Moreover, not only is Anthony focusing in school but also being a shift lead at his work Poke Kai and being the Vice President of his fraternity. He is actually very excited he is the vice president because he is looking forward to reestablishing what brotherhood is and making other executive decisions. Especially since he knows his fraternity can live up to the potentials of brotherhood. For this weekend he had a lot going on with performing in a talent show for a sorority at Cal State Fullerton and then had a philanthropy event of feeding the homeless. With so much going on in his life he finds himself busy and does not know how he does it without car. To me Anthony is an example of proving one can do anything and overcome any obstacle in this case Anthony does everything he enjoys without having a car and managing his time.