Exhibition Information:

ARTIST: Laura Lopez


MEDIA: oil paint

GALLERY: Marilyn Werby Gallery


The Colombian artist Laura Lopez is a graduate student pursuing her Master of Fine Arts degree with the emphasis in Drawing and Painting. Prior to her Master’s degree, Lopez obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. While talking to Laura Lopez she explained she changed her focus when choosing her Master’s degree because Drawing and Painting gave her a sense of freedom and have a chance to see what her potential was. Rather than sitting around an office where she felt compressed in a space. Therefore, she wanted to do something else and eventually did go visit a jungle.

The material mostly used throughout Lopez’s artwork is oil paint. As Lopez stated some of the art pieces in the exhibition took from two weeks to one month to finish. However, as she stated it is not about the length of time to finish each piece, instead it is about the process when making each piece.

The works of Laura Lopez are influenced by inspirations that come in different forms. Lopez attempts to evoke awareness in her art work as well. She began to paint jaguars in her paintings because she found admiration in them. Lopez sees the jaguar as a protective animal of strength especially during a difficult time she was going through. In addition, all the pieces in her exhibition were made with vibrant colors which seemed inviting to the audience, yet when ask if her paintings had a message to deliver to the viewers she stated it all depended on each person and what emotion they felt her paintings evoked.

The exhibition of Laura Lopez seemed to intrigue the audience in each of her paintings, bringing out different emotions. Some used bright colors while others created shades and seemed more mysterious. To me overall Lopez’s exhibition seemed really interesting and colorful, but I mostly enjoyed knowing what the jaguar meant to her. Especially how she involved them in the painting she created at the time of difficulty.