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The artist of this exhibition Jacob Hogan made this exhibition as a representation of how his progress was like on his last year before graduating. Hogan is going to obtain his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in 3-D Media, which mostly involves different forms of metal. From critics Hogan got critiques that his exhibition did not show emotion, however as he stated he created this exhibition with pieces that would not offend anyone and would be of liking to any age group since these pieces can be in either a household or business.

According to Hogan this exhibition took about two months to complete with most pieces taking about a week to finish. A variety of metals were used in this exhibition such as brass, copper, nickel, aluminum, silver and the addition of resin. Hogan stated that at first like anything first introduced each assignment was hard, yet after a while the process flowed as the repetition of the same items were made.

Jacob Hogan ended up into this degree not by choice at first but it eventually evolved. In addition, it came to him as something he enjoys doing especially working with his hands. None of his family members prior to him went to school with an emphasis in art, however, many of his family members used their hands to create new things, whether they were architects, aircraft maintenance supervisors or crafts managers. Therefore, as Hogan stated his passion for this degree is mainly influenced by his ancestors as a form of inspiration. In addition, many of the pieces in the exhibition were assignments, yet Hogan altered each of them inputting his own thoughts and ideas making it unique and innovating. For instance, when assigned the herbal tea, Earl Gray, Hogan came up with making two different tea infusers in relation with the British WWII Sea Mine. Even though as Hogan stated he is not much of a tea drinker, when presenting this assignment he tested the tea infusers and ended up performing their purpose pretty well. Overall, most of the pieces the viewers see are items one would have or see in a house and/or a business the only difference is that they are innovated with Hogan’s ideas in a different way from how they are regularly being seen.

In my opinion this exhibition was different from most in a way that the pieces presented probably did not evoke an emotion, yet they were innovated furniture and household items that one would like. Each of the items in my opinion show a new trend of interior designs if one would want to furnish their home with unique items. If I was to open business I would definitely be interested in items from this exhibition since they are different and going based off trends many people today look for places to hangout or go with unique interiors to then post and share their location with friends and family on social media. Overall, the work put into this exhibition is impressive since all was done in a short amount of time in my opinion.