This ethnographic experience was mind blowing! At first I was looking forward to this activity, yet after the first twenty minutes I honestly started feeling impatient. I felt impatient because I did not start doing anything to keep me busy and the ability of not using my phone was getting to me. I realized I am constantly using my phone 24/7 for literally everything and it was hard to break that attachment. However, afterwards I did begin to read for an upcoming test and found it helpful since I was able to concentrate, yet hard at the same time by having to adjust to the use of candle lights only. Afterwards, I got tired and went to sleep.

1) My thoughts on this experience were that it was going to make me feel completely stress and I was not going to be able to go through it the whole night.

2) This activity was harder than I thought since it took away something that I take for granted, that is electricity.

3) At first when I was not doing anything I found myself impatient, but it eventually turned out being soothing and liberating.

4) Before I laid down I felt my eyes tired and uncomfortable from reading, but when I laid down I felt a relief and slept very comfortable.

5) Living without electricity is more organic since the production of electricity generates waste and gases such as greenhouse gases, therefore without electricity Earth gets less harmed by one of many factors already affecting it.

6) Living without electricity could be limiting, but if it was completely gone, the use of solar panels would still be available. I would definitely find it limiting since I usually depend on my desk lamp while doing homework after 12 A.M. on a typical school night.

7) I definitely think people survived without constant stimulation in the case of electricity. I believe so because people could look forward to the moment of bonding when the sun went down and gathered around a fire. In addition, before electricity in my opinion I think people took advantage of their time of day, so by sun down they had already finished their day chores.

8) My ideal level of life activity based on the use of electricity would be to have the same use of electricity I have today, yet the only thing I would change would be to change my form of communication with friends and even when meeting strangers since we all depend on social media via the use of electronics to plan any social gathering.