This week I got the chance to meet four different girls from both art 110 classes. From the many conversation we had, I learned Thida wants to become an occupational therapist. She is in the same situation as I am with declaring a major and being placed on hold because we are over the 60 unit mark. Jennifer on the other hand is a third year student like me, however she is a film major and moved from Pennsylvania to Long Beach, California. As she stated she left the East coast mainly to get away from the cold and the snow. In addition, both Antonella and Kathryn are both dance major and explained how competitive it is. As they stated not only is the life of a dance major just about mental work, it also involves physical work. In addition, we talked about how movies are different from the books most of the time, such as the Harry Potter movies compared to the books as well as the movie A Walk to Remember is different from the book. There is instances where I  personally enjoy the movie better, yet in my opinion books allow one to use their imagination to picture scenes as well as the characters. However, likewise to what the other girls said screen writers are very important since they can make a movie great or completely destroy it. Especially when trying to make a movie from a book. Overall it was a interesting conversation since we all come from different majors, yet we share similarities.