I chose to redesign the wedge of the FA4. My redesign is not drastic however, after spending awhile at this wedge I would not want to remove the tree. Instead all the dirt areas around the tree I would fill it up by planting flowers and leave the cement side walk as the only route to access the door that will lead to the second and third floor. In my opinion the tree and plants already in this area add a form of decoration to the plain white walls, so if they were to be removed the area would look plain. Even though now people will have to walk around the tree, hopefully they appreciate the beautiful flowers growing around. Moreover, future students will appreciate the beauty of nature especially since it is a source of oxygen for us. In addition, like mentioned this form of access to the building is not frequently used a lot whereas the west side of the building is constantly being used. Besides I would rather want people to walk around the tree than stepping on the soil, so with flowers in the way it will prevent people from stepping on it. This is not a drastic redesign to the wedge but I prefer the beauty of nature and this old tree so I would not have them gone.