Exhibition Information:

Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition: RECUERDOS

Media: Decorative object, found objects, assemblage

Gallery: Max L. Gatov West Gallery

Social Media: http://www.dulcesoledadibara.com

This gallery was a senior solo exhibition by the artist Dulce Soledad Ibarra. Ibarra is pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Sculpture. Most of her work is about family, survival’s guilt, immigrants, hostility, trauma and the sense of trying to be here.

This exhibition has a variety of media which all belonged to the artist’s aunt. The media range from various decorative and found objects. For instance, there is dolls, cages, a sewing machine, baby pictures, cassettes, a Mexican calendar, music boxes and a piano. To present the media the artist used her space in a way where the viewers are able to walk around and view the assemblage from different angles. In contrast, the objects were originally set in a room or elsewhere within a home.

The exhibition was not based off of memories as what the title of the exhibition stands for, “recuerdos,” but instead of what objects hold as a meaning of special moments and festivities. The idea that one can relive these moments forever is why Ibarra’s aunt kept all these decorative objects or so most people do. However, these were just objects to Ibarra, yet once her aunt passed away it all happened too quick that now she is trying to understand what the value of each object was to her aunt. Now Ibarra has found a new meaning to these objects which can also have the same meaning to others who view them as well. Some of the objects are yellow because as the artist stated it is an alarming color, closest to gold, it has a warmth, soft feeling that vibes off throughout the given space.

At the beginning as I walked through the gallery I recognized items that I too have seen at my house and in other Mexican families’ houses. I thought this gallery was going to be about Mexican-Heritage or objects that resemble growing up in a Mexican family. However, this perspective completely changed when I read the yellow pamphlet and understood the message that artist was trying to deliver. After that it made me think of my aunt as well who passed away not that long ago and how she left so much behind. The only thing I would wish is to have one more day with her and take advantage of the time I took for granted. In the end I felt touched by this exhibition because life does take away from one when we least expect it.