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Picturing how I would do this activity came easy to mind, however when I started I was too far from the cardboard and went through a couple pieces until I got the outline in semi-bubble form. After that I went in with the white spray which was hard to keep the color on since the cardboard would absorb it, yet I managed to go over the inside a few times until the color stayed. Above the letter “t,” I tried adding a star which I have seen in some forms of tagging before. However, the star as well was harder to spray on that I originally thought it would be. I made me think of how graffiti artists have managed to develop that skill to keep spraying for a number of hours and produce some beautiful paintings. Then again there is also those graffiti artist who spray on walls so fast and manage to get their name or gang name painted clearly for others to see while trying to not get caught. Either way, this activity was interesting to do and enjoyed doing it.