I had the chance to meet Yesenia this week in class and learn a little bit about her. Yesenia is a third year and undeclared student like me, however she will be declaring into Child Development whereas I will declare into Kinesiology. The process to declare into Child Development is not too competitive as other major since it is easy to declare and there is a lot of availability of classes required for the major. Career wise Yesenia is looking into school counseling where she can still interact with students rather than being in a class room. For spring break, she does not have any plans as of now, yet she is looking forward to anything that might come up. However, since we spoke about how I want to start hiking she did recommend me a trail in Pasadena which she says leads to a waterfall. Which I think motivates one to go through the hike in order to see this waterfall. Lastly, I had noticed something on Yesenia’s hand which was henna and led to us talking about tattoos and how we both want some yet it is hard to choose and not regret it later. However, Yesenia does intend to find a tattoo which will have a meaning and decide where to get it done.