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Exhibition Information:

Artist: Juliana Bustillo and Tidawhitney Lek

Exhibition: Doodle in Space

Media: Installation, mixed media

Gallery: Werby Gallery

Social media: @juliaanaaaab @tidawhitney


This gallery is intended to be a non-degree gallery as Juliana Bustillo stated. From the two artists of the “Doodle in Space,” gallery I was able to interview Juliana Bustillo. Bustillo is an undergraduate student obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with the emphasis in Drawing and Painting. In addition, this is her last semester and took the opportunity to make this gallery along with her partner whom she shares a lot in common from contemporary abstract painting and oil painting.

The exhibition, “Doodle in Space,” contains a variety of media. To do such exhibition the artists used butcher paper both black and white, acrylic paint, adhesives, dry wall and toilet seat paper which in my opinion is very innovative. As Bustillo mentioned created the gallery in the sense that the views would not be able to tell apart which artist did what, therefore the work of both artists is well mixed. In addition, the black and white paper was created to represent different patterns and arranged differently throughout the given space of the room.

The result of the exhibition was actually not what the artists imagined it to be, yet they saw this as a teaching experience for them. If given another chance the artists would take it to redo the exhibition and try to portray what they actually wanted. Bustillo and Lek hoped to work the space going inside-out, yet it turned out to be quite the opposite working outside-in. This gallery is considered an installation form of art which turned out to look theatrical, whimsical and playful. However, the artists manipulated the space from wall to wall and the center in order to portray this 2D exhibition.

In my opinion this exhibition has been quite different from all other exhibition I have seen so far during the semester. It probably is since the whole room was taken advantage of and the 2D installation was very innovative. In addition, I enjoyed how in each different area of the room there was a different space or different vibe. That is because the patterns never repeated and the black and white played with the eyes overlapping each other and changing throughout.