*Meme Show*

Carmina Correa and Vanessa Olivarez

Watercolor on canvas paper

Appox: 20″ x 24″


CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

In the town of Biscuit Ville, Bodhi was an ordinary civilian living a normal life. His life began to seem like a routine doing the same thing every day. He would wake up, get ready for work, work long shifts, go home, watch television, eat dinner and fall asleep. However, schedules at work began to change and Bodhi was transferred to the night shift. Bodhi was a security guard at the town’s prestigious power plant, yet he aspired to go out and explore the world. Moreover, on the day of his first night shift Bodhi was ready for his first day. Feeling quite odd of the change, he chose to ignore it and clocked into work.

At his post for the night, Bodhi began to feel tired and bored because there was no one else to talk to like there is during the day shifts. However, he began reading a book to cope with this grave yard shift. Hours began to pass and Bodhi was falling asleep when all of a sudden he heard a noise. He jumped to his feet and grabbed his flashlight. He saw through the cameras the noise was coming from an outside building, so he went to check it out. Upon arrival, Bodhi saw the chain and the lock to the doors were cut, so quietly he went inside tip toeing so no sound would be heard. Everything was quiet and dark so he kept walking this time step by step behind another. Bodhi was so cautious to see what he would find inside the building that he forget to check where he was stepping. Next thing he knew he was faced down on the floor, and saw he had slipped on some kind of spill. He sat up and flashed his light to the puddle and came to realize it was not water but instead toxic waste. Bodhi tried to get on his feet, yet felt too drowsy and lost his balance that he ended up passing out. It was 4:30 A.M. and he randomly got up, Bodhi had forgotten how he got there, but he knew the next guard would be there shortly. As the next guard arrived he realized Bodhi seemed odd but he just thought it was the tiredness of his first grave yard shift so he laughed and clocked in. Bodhi left home and felt normal, yet really thirsty and sleepy.

At home Bodhi felt his body odd but he as well blamed it on his shift however his pet rabbit starred and hid from him. Bodhi just ended up falling asleep, yet around midnight he felt sick and shivers all over so he tried to get up. Instead, rapidly he out grew his bed and kept growing and growing. Bodhi was a giant and all he felt was rage building up inside him, yet the only way to let it out was with laser eye vision coming out of his eyes. He was no longer Bodhi, but instead DOGZILLA, as new reporters kept calling him. Soon enough he was destroying all Biscuit Ville and no one knew how to stop him. Until a scientist from back in the lab jumped from a helicopter above Bodhi’s head and shot him with an antidote to get rid of the toxic waste that had entered his body. In just seconds Bodhi came to a crash and hit the floor, however the people in Biscuit Ville demanded for him to be supervised until they knew what to do with him. Late at night, no one realized Bodhi turned back to his regular size, yet instead of staying he ran away and never came back. From that day on no one knew if Bodhi or DOGZILLA was still alive or if he would ever come back.