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I enjoyed doing this activity because I used it in a way to express an issue that I find important. Child Labor and Forced Labor, is an issue that has been going on for years and to my surprising I ended up finding brands that I did not think were involved in using children for the production of their garments and products. Even though some brands have said they stopped using this form of labor, evidence still shows that it continues. Like Apple, who most recently has been using children to mine for cobalt in toxic environments. This zine is one that would bring awareness to everyone  who gets a chance to see it and realize they can make a change. People can take action by becoming better consumers and no longer buying products from these brands. At first, I had so many different topic of what to make my zine which was hard to choose only one, yet I found it to be very engaging to put out there an issue that matters. If I were to redo this activity I would print the image on the paper and then form the zine, whereas, I created the zine without the pictures so then I had to cut and paste them on..