This art experience by far has been the most difficult one. It was really interesting to do, yet hard to lose control and relax. It took my sister and I awhile to come into full relaxation mode. At first we started off really stiff and where almost forcing where to move the crayon. Then, we switched colors and who held the crayon first, yet we ended up complaining of each other trying to take control of the motion of the crayon. By the third color change we began to let go slowly and just tried to relax. In addition, we played soothing music to fully let us relax and empty our minds. Therefore, by the last two colors we used I feel we knew how to fully let go and relax which I feel showed in the way the colors flowed smoothly instead of being stiff lines.

As a result I feel when using one color only it is probably a better way to go about this experience because that lets you keep flowing the crayon or pencil without having to stop after awhile to change the color. I feel it fully lets you relax without and disruptions. In contrast, using different colors lets you see how stiff one started at first and shows how smooth and relaxed both people were by the time the last color was used. The only downside to switching colors is that every time you stop to get the new color you have to get out of your relaxation mode and try to get back into it if for any reason either person lost focus. Either way in the end in my opinion this art experience teaches one to relax and let go, so that one’s subconscious can express itself.