Exhibition Information:

Artist: Yeri Hwang

Exhibition: Within Us

Media: Studio Art, Illustration and kinetic sculpture, and electricity

Gallery: Max. L Gatov East

Instagram/ Tumblr: yeriyeti

E-mail: yerihwang0107@gmail.com

The artist Yeri Hwang is graduating this year as an undergraduate student. She will obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree with the emphasis in Studio Art. The artist made her exhibit about the journey of life and wanted to do something where the viewers can interact with each piece. Hwang used her past knowledge in theater and mythology which she applied it to this exhibit which connects cross culturally.

Yeri Hwang used various materials in this exhibit. She used wood, plaster, latex, dry wall, acrylic, paint, batteries and the use of electricity. Hwang was prepared for any malfunction and had extra supplies especially batteries. Since she wanted her viewers to connect with each piece, she set instructions for people to follow. Therefore, each piece required the viewer to touch and watch how the art work would react to that, however other art work in the exhibit required one to write down something in a paper as a way of interacting with the art work depending what the instructions asked for. Each piece was a complete new art work, yet they were inspired by old projects she had made before.

Hwang knowing of theater described had an interaction with this exhibit as she said there seems to be a theatrical wall in our lives where one can look back to the past, yet one has to have the power to forgive what has happened in the past and keep moving forward. However, people perceive strangers assuming they are fine by looking at the outside, yet knowing nothing of how they are in the inside and as Yeri said, “In the end it is okay to be honest and break through that wall expressing how one feels.” In addition, this exhibit not only has a connection to Hwang’s life but to the life of others and what they go through in life as she observed. Since Hwang’s exhibit is about the journey of life she figured everyone can relate to a story of their own life. The piece that has different gears, “Progression,” symbolizes the progression of time and how things are changing through the lens one desires to see the world through. In “Destination and Mystery,” the meaning behind describes one looking for a place of belonging. Which the destination can be anything from a home to one’s dream job. That is why there is a window as a way to show one is searching. The piece, “Choice and commitment,” symbolizes the point in which one has the power to take over. As Hwang state, “you are the chosen one in your story in your narrative,” therefore we all have a destiny and sometimes we just need to figure it out. Which leads to the piece, “Acceptance and Forgiveness,” when one has found their path and/or purpose one needs to forgive and not regret the stages that helped build one today.

As I walked through the exhibit and interacted with each piece I can say I did grow a connection with each piece and grew an understanding of what part of life they connect within mine. I admire Hwang’s work and how not only she made an exhibit that connects with her life, but can connect to everyone is some way as she said it connects cross culturally. I definitely can relate to the piece, “Destination and Mystery,” where I find myself almost all the time searching for where I need to be in life and reassure my goals in order to not give up. As well as faith when I lose it during times of stressful situations in school, life and work.