Exhibition Information:

Artist: Joshua Vazquez


Media: Painting and Drawing

Gallery: Gastov-East

Website: josh.vazquez1@gmail.com (email)

Joshua Vazquez is an undergraduate student pursing his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Painting and Drawing. The artist used to write poetry which he still enjoys and has included some phrases into his work of art. In particular in this exhibit he chose to portray the phrase, “I LOVE THE WAY YOU FALL ASLEEP.” In addition, his work is inspired by Los Angeles sunsets in various areas.

In this exhibition one can tell the different colors graduations the artist used in order to form what he saw in different sunsets around Los Angeles. The way he fades on color into another whether it is horizontally or vertically as if the colors are flowing like mimicking the motion of the sun setting. In other pieces of his work one can tell the monochrome of blues, oranges and greens. However, in every piece in this exhibit the artist used a form of oil on each canvas, even when there was previously graffiti on the canvas and he buffed out the words. Moreover, Joshua Vazquez’s art is very serene and gives his audience a feeling of tranquility while imagining the Los Angeles sunsets.

This exhibit is of different sunsets around Los Angeles which inspired Joshua Vazquez. Being fond of Los Angeles and incorporating his poetry into this exhibit, he treated this city as a woman. In addition, his poetry phrases serve as his demonstration of affection towards her. Moreover, that is why the phrase, “I LOVE THE WAY YOU FALL ASLEEP,” is used throughout his work because as he said if he could tell her one of many things this would be one. To create the writing he used graffiti which he has always been fond of and even in a professional setting as an artist Vazquez still obtains his skill to graffiti since he has also admired it as a form of art. In addition, to avoid the cliché of works of art that involve sunsets and palm trees, Vazquez literally brought the palm trees to his exhibit which were painted black.

Going through Joshua Vazquez’s exhibit made me really vision different places where one sees the sun setting. I completely liked the idea of bringing in the palm trees as to painting them on the canvas itself. Especially since the palm trees were painted black, I imagined the shadows of the palm trees that form when the sun is setting. Personally I like sunsets therefore it gave me a feeling of tranquility and admiration walking through each piece of the exhibit.