23 -year-old boyfriend in Huntington Beach, CA

I chose to do my ACP on places my boyfriend and I have gone and some of memories we have made together. It consists of maps, pictures, amulets, concerts and festivals like the Holi Festival of Colours, and holidays we have celebrated together. I chose my boyfriend because despite our daily routines with work and school it is nice to know someone cherishes you. In addition, while choosing what to include into my ACP it made me pin point where each item came from and how that day was spent. I feel each piece I chose has a story behind it and actually inspired me to continue traveling with my boyfriend and collect more things that will be a memorable souvenir to us. At first it was hard to decide what to focus on until I decided instead of just sending things about my relationship with my boyfriend, I would send the adventures we have done together and the memories we have made in different places.

  1. Sending an ACP is similar to a Snapchat because one has to decide what they are trying to send to another person and then eventually send it. In addition, for both once they are sent one cannot take them back and replace them right away.
  2. Sending an ACP takes time to get delivered to the other person and one physically has to mail the ACP. Then, one has to wait a couple of days until they get feedback from the other person. In contrast, a Snapchat gets sent in seconds to the other person and one can instantly get feedback from the recipient right away. In addition, sending a Snapchat does not require one getting up from where they are at, so it can be sent when one is sitting down on the couch or eating lunch.
  3. I think ephemera is precious and brings so much memories and stories to tell with others. Like the items I chose to sent to my boyfriend each card or map has a story of how we spent that day and even how stains were made on tickets. Even though certain things do not physically say where they are from but it’s the meaning behind it is that is more meaningful. There is a chance something today will not have the same meaning to future generations but if stories pass down of certain items then probably the meaning will remain.
  4. There is a difference between art seen at a museum and from the specific person the ACP is sent to. In a museum many will or will not admire the art and story behind each piece of art work. Unless, one reads about the artist and then understands how the artist was inspired and then makes a connection with the art work. However, based on the items one chose to send to another person there is  a stronger connection between both people with each of the items. That is because you and the other person share certain memories or have something in common with what was in the ACP that others would not understand.
  5. Sending a Snapchat does send in seconds and one also gets a quick response back in compared to an ACP that takes days. Therefore, the ability to receive and send something in seconds makes it easier when one wants that quick response or needs to find out something quick. However, the time and effort of sending something that will take time is so much more meaningful. I always admired love letters that lovers would send and would have to wait for a letter to come in the mail for them. Slow can be better because one can think of the effort the other person took to write and send a letter and will eventually be awaiting for a response, whereas a Snapchat is too quick to have much effort put into it; in addition, it gets erased in seconds or within 24 hours.
  6. An ACP does carry more significance or “love,” as compared to a Snapchat. That is because one takes the time to put in specific items or write a detailed and expressed letter into an ACP. Whereas, a Snapchat one puts little to no effort on what is sent. Besides every piece sent in an ACP has a meaning that the other person knows of and can relate. In addition, the ACP may even bring out emotions from the recipient upon arrive if they do not know they are receiving it. Whereas, a Snapchat one opens it and replies and if they want they can reply it or completely ignore it but it won’t be there to be seen in the future.