This week I got to meet Tiffanie Ta. Our conversation touched upon different topics: from our day, our major to each other’s culture. It started with how our day was going, from our conversation it seemed like we both had a slow start to our day from being late to sleepy, yet we made it to art class and got the chance to meet. Both of us have changed majors, I more times and she has, however now we’ve found something we like she is majoring in Health Care Administration and I’m going to declare into Kinesiology with a focus in exercise science. Next, I asked her if she could go anywhere or travel where would she go? Tiffanie chose Japan. Previously she has gone to Japan to visit a relative for awhile. To her surprise the city was so safe that she could go wander about alone without worrying and so she did. She went from her hotel to the nearest mall and as she walked through the streets she would encounter locals who were very kind. Definitely, she wants to go back to visit probably not live there but return since she loved the night life in Japan which she said reminded her of the night views in New York. Then, I found out that Tiffanie is Chinese and thought it was interesting how she knows Vietnamese as well which is because of her parents who are half Vietnamese and half Chinese in addition, she even knows a little Japanese. She has different Asian cultures within her family which I think it is so amazing! Lastly, we talked about how people sometimes have misconceptions of us for being a certain race for her it was that people will jump to think her last name is, “Nguyen,” since it’s a common Asian name. For me it will be that people think I have a common Mexican name or Americanized name for being Mexican. However, once I say my name is Misty people get a little shocked because it is not typical and its different. One part of meeting new people that I enjoy is knowing their name because all names have a further meaning or have a story behind it. For instance, while talking about names I asked Tiffanie if she had a middle name and she does which is Buu, so she usually gets people who think it’s  cute because it sounds like boo when they hear it. However, I ended up with a moment that moved me because I was the first person to ever ask her what Buu meant, and it means “Precious”, which honestly even though we were strangers it was a moment that touched me by seeing her reaction to my question and how she felt afterwards. It was a great conversation and I enjoyed meeting Tiffanie.