Exhibition Information:

Artist: Kevin Lopez

Exhibition: SCRY BABY

Media: Printmaking, mono serigraph, lithograph, paint

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino

Facebook: facebook.com/klart760

Instagram: @klart760

As a contemporary artist, Kevin Lopez is on the pursuit to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree with an emphasis in Printmaking at California State University, Long Beach. Prior to transferring to Long Beach he obtained an Associate’s Degree in Studio Art from a community college in San Diego. Kevin’s art portrays his past rather than his future, his surroundings and his experiences in life. He does this in a form of making a 3D object such as a crystal stone to be depicted in a 2D image by printmaking.

Kevin’s solo exhibition “SCRY BABY,” represents various forms of printmaking. From lithograph to mono serigraph and drawings. One piece in the gallery, “New places, New Energy,” demonstrates three different shaped crystals that art tilted towards the right. Within one of the crystals there is an image of an animal which appears to be a Siberian husky. Moreover, it is a black and white piece with a background of circles that are all symmetrical, yet overlapping each other as it seems they are in a starry sky. Another piece in the gallery was the, “Clear Quartz,” which was a crystal that was well drawn in the aspect of being symmetrical. However, it was ironic how this crystal being a clear quartz was actually colorful since this crystal is clear almost opaque. The art piece however comes to live with the warm colors instead of dull ones. In addition there is eyes drawn on the crystal which appear to be wide open but lightly drawn to where they almost cannot be seen fully.

The artist Kevin Lopez began to use crystals in his work after a former relationship where he was introduced to crystal healing. After getting involved in crystal healing a formal instructor gave him a green onyx stone. Which at first as he said he did not have much faith in it. However, the green onyx is known to boost confidence and make all desires come true. Kevin did not know much of crystal stone healing but as he began this journey he looked up how to use them, how long have they been used for and who uses them. To his surprise he found out more of the black onyx than his own green onyx. However, from his research he found out that the black onyx was used in a form to repel negative energy by the ancient. Which from this came the term, “scry,” since the ancient used stones as a form of fortune telling, foretelling knowledge, and prophecies from the use of an amulet or crystal ball. So, this is where it all began Kevin’s faith grew on his green onyx stone. As he described, his desires did come true. He applied to California State University, Long Beach and soon enough got accepted. Since he moved from San Diego to Long Beach he was in need of an apartment therefore with faith in his stone likewise soon the availability of an apartment appeared at the hands of Kevin. Therefore, the piece, “Clear Quartz,” portrays a colorful crystal with eyes widely starring back at one. However, this piece brings up the question to the viewer, are you looking at the crystal or using the crystal as if you are looking through it to see far beyond. The other art piece, “New Places, New Energies,” demonstrates the transition Kevin made along with his Siberian husky when they moved from San Diego to Long Beach and how they have encountered new vibes and experiences.

At first as I walked through the gallery all I got was images within crystals. In a sense I got a chill feeling. I personally liked the different stones and crystals at the center of the gallery. However, after my interview with Kevin Lopez I gained a whole new perspective on his art. From the moment he told me his background and how he was introduced to crystal healing I became hooked on his art. From his belief and faith on his green onyx I can relate this to metaphysics that my mom believes in and what she teaches me. Both crystal healing and metaphysics are forms of truly understand yourself and evolving your faith in order to accomplish what one wants. In other words, one has to truly believe in themselves in order to obtain their desires. In addition, the learning experience from both methods is really rewarding since one feels at peace internally and learns what the energies of their surrounding and of people mean. Therefore, after my interview I see Kevin’s art work as a way of telling the viewers moments his life and like he said of his past and experiences. While portraying them in crystals which has become a part of him and his view on life.