imageThis week I got the chance to meet Lisa Diaz, which she is genuinely a cool girl. From our conversation I noticed we have similarities in school and life experiences. Such as we both want to go to medical school and we are kind of freaking out about it since we know it’s hard to get into. Then, we talked about car accidents and Lisa told me of her first car accident, which good thing nothing bad happened to both her and the other driver. It just happened to be the her car rolled and rear ended the car in front of her. The other driver was a woman who wasn’t trying to really fix the problem passively, but instead yell. As Lisa stated nothing happened to the woman’s bumper which Lisa even offered to get her car checked with her father since he knows of car mechanics. However, being her first accident she didn’t know what else to do besides call her mom since the woman wouldn’t stop yelling at her. Doing adult things and knowing the right way to fix them is something we all don’t get taught on how to do right from wrong. Like I told Lisa, when I got in my first accident it was a three car accident where my friend the one driving and I were the middle car. Everything happened so fast, yet we too didn’t know what to do but call the police and wait until they arrived. Upon their arrival all three cars pulled to the side and began calling and exchanging insurances. It’s scary when situations like this happen for the first time and either you react to it fast or have to take time to process what is happening. After talking about that we stayed on the subject of cars and talked about if we had gotten any ticket before. Lisa said she had gotten two already one for speeding on the freeway way above the speeding limit, and well for me I haven’t got a ticket before. However, I was the cause to giving my mom a ticket for removing my seat belt before my mom completely parked in a school zone. Ultimately, meeting Lisa was very nice in addition made me realize how everyday we walk or sit by strangers who might be facing similar problems as one or have gone through same experiences as one, yet we never know unless we get the chance to meet them.