This activity was hard to do because the thought of death does scare me even though I know it is part of life and it will happen to everyone. In particularly I get the chills more about the death of a love one then of mine. However, if I was given the option to choose how I want to die I’d choose a peaceful death of dying in my sleep, having a heart attack or died of age. Even though I want to go into the medical field I would not want to die in a hospital bed. In addition, I chose my bed because I wouldn’t want to have a tragic death or be some type of news to my family that I died while traveling or found dead. I’ve had a couple of deaths in my family and maybe over time I’ve grown cowardly to think of it. Therefore, when death comes up I try to think of there being an afterlife and that’s where I will reunite with my love ones. I feel like even the strongest or emotionless person feels some type of way about death. Because as I was doing my makeup to appear that of an elder woman my mom stopped by and I could see it in her eyes that she got a little emotional of either seeing her daughter appearing as an old woman and about to die or even her not wanting to think of death herself. After taking the first few pictures I got overthinking of the subject and just doing an interesting project. However at first I did feel weird even talking about how I was going to take a picture of me dead and how I needed to find a way I wanted to die. Therefore, the first pictures I felt a little nervous how I was pretending to be dead. Overall, I feel this art experience is one that touches upon one’s life believes and psychologically.