Plaster casting, a complete new thing to me. I had no idea what it really was but after watching the demo videos I thought this was going to be a piece of cake! Saturday afternoon I went to the beach where I made a hole and buried my hand with the help of my sister and mom. As I slowly pulled out my hand from the hole sand would go back in, so I would place my hand slowly back into my hand hole until sand would no longer roll back inside. Making the plaster mixture was a little difficult, so from trial and error I got the 2:1 mixture of plaster to water correct on my third try. Made me think of how artists might have a difficult time if they are trying to make something to be precisely what they imagine and they have to redo their art a couple of times. After waiting for the plaster to take in the shape and form I dug out what looked like a clump of hand and a oval of sand. It had gotten too dark at the beach so I took my plasters home and brushed out the excess sand Sunday morning. I was amazed at my results because I did not expect them to come out precise to my hand and foot. I really enjoyed this art experience that I will probably do it again but with the attempt of plaster casting an object rather than a hand or foot.