On Wednesday, January 25 I met Toria Painter. Earlier that day I had my first chemistry test for the semester so I just felt stressed and crappy afterwards until I got to art class. As everyone met someone new, I got the chance to meet Toria. She told me she was a third year and a dance major. She gave me such a new perspective to the dance department at CSULB than the one I had. Before all I knew about the dance department was that any dance class taken would be very far and one would have to walk super fast or run to the next class. However, Toria explained to me how competitive it is to the get into the dance programs here on campus and all the experience as well as networks she has gained from being in the program. She prefers modern dance over ballet even though some of her friends prefer ballet over modern dance. Toria talks of her major with so much enthusiasm it made me so interested to keep asking about her dancing. She says she has been dancing all her life and even though she is not currently working she has made a lot of networks in the dance department which have been rewarding since she has gone to San Francisco on behave of a network she has made in the dance department. Besides talking about our majors we spoke of our interests in art and what we wanted to get out of this class. We both shared how we thought the plaster casting activity at the beach sounded very “cool” to do and were looking forward to all the activities we will be doing in art class. I really enjoyed this activity to meet a new person rather than doing an ice breaker since you get to learn so much from a person’s life to even finding similarities and possibly becoming future colleagues or friends.