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Art 110- Sec 2- 1 PM

Wk 15- Extra Credit- Feedback on ART 110 Class

I enjoyed Art 110 more than I expected when I enrolled in the class. Not only did I learn about art but got to experience doing it as well as viewing the art of many different artists and their feel for the subject. A highlight to the class was always looking forward to going into the galleries and enjoying different forms of art as well as getting the chance to meet the artist. In addition, in my opinion bringing in more speakers if possible would be nice for future classes as well. Listening to Chantae Reden was not quite fully related to art, yet listening to her was motivating. At first using different forms of communication aside from BeachBoard seemed like it would be challenging, however, after the first two weeks with getting the hang of it I learned to like both Slack and WordPress. In a sense Slack is better then BeachBoard because communication is instantly and easy to manage, whereas BeachBoard I find it harder and complicated. For future classes I would still keep both Slack and WordPress.

Of the activities I enjoyed Sketching in the Garden because it was a complete different activity and was really peaceful. I also liked doing the Ethnography because it took a lot from one to make that change and it was quite amazing what one learned from giving up a resource from our daily lives. Lastly, I liked the Art Care Package because not only does it include meaningful items but who ever receives the package gets surprised and joy from it. I know because my boyfriend did when he received the package and was so surprised of the things I have kept and gave him.

My least favorite activities were the Landscapes with a Corpse because the whole time I kept thinking of my own death and was somewhat hard to process that future event. The next activity was the Graffiti Writing, even though I do not mind this form of art I did not fully find the process into doing this activity that exciting as other activities. Lastly, the Zines & Flip Books, I felt I really did not understand the concept of them and creating them was not so hard, but was not the most interesting since as well the subject was very broad.

Thank you for a great semester in ART 110 🙂 !!


Wk 15 – Art Experience- Design Thinking Applied to Life

1) Nurse Practitioner

The current occupation I am aiming to pursue is to become a nurse practitioner. Based on a five year plan starting with graduating in spring 2019 from California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with the concentration in Exercise Science Degree. Between my last year in undergraduate school until acceptance to the post- baccalaureate program I want to apply in California State University, Fullerton I will volunteer as well as work in a hospital setting in order to obtain experience. The experience gained will go towards points on the application point system in order to be considered a top applicant. Once admitted into the Accelerated BSN the program will last two years. Upon completion of the post-baccalaureate program I can apply into the Masters of Science in Nursing with the emphasis in Women’s Health Care program. This program will last years and then I can apply to an opening. Going with this route I feel confident I can achieve my goal, resource wise I can say applying to the right places will get me where I need to be. In the end becoming a nurse practitioner will impact others in the setting I will be working in and I will be completely satisfied. The above pictures are my rapid prototyping in the section of practicing with reading out lab results which I have been doing in my microbiology class.


2) Pastry and Bakery Store Owner

If becoming a nurse practitioner disappeared from one day to another I would try to start my own business as a pastry/ bakery store owner along with my sisters. With that being said I would change my major into Hospitality and graduate within two years. Then I would take extra baking classes and get certified in managing a food service place. To gain extra practice for a year and half I would apply to manage a franchise dessert shop. From gaining experience I would then go out on my own and open my business. Confidence wise I would actually be pretty confident since I would be running the business with my two sisters. Resources that would be needed would be gained through experience and certifications as well as licenses in order to run the place. The impact would be bringing flavors to either traditional or innovative desserts and my sisters and I would be completely satisfied. As a rapid prototyping I am portraying another form of practice since my sister and I baked this fruit tart to give to my mother on Mother’s Day.

3) Travel the World for Leisure and Help

If I was financially secure, I would want to be traveling the world without no worries. In addition to traveling I would like to spend my time helping children around the world in need. There really would not be a five year plan because I would just stop everything that I am doing and just book a flight and start unforgettable journeys. For this option I am not as confident as the other two options, yet it is not impossible to do. However, I would be completely satisfied doing this the rest of my life. The resources needed would include contacting Peace Corps since I would want to be with them helping children and just know information about each place I would want to go visit before hand. The impact done would be changing the lives of children through my journeys and filling my life with new life experiences. As a rapid prototyping I reconnected to my Linkedin account and looked up Peace Corps as well as other volunteer opportunities that aim to help children.

Wk 15- Classmate Conversation- Carry Nguyen and Karen Luau


This week I met Carry and Karen who are complete different majors from mine. Carry is a Health Care Administration major while Karen is a Pre-Business major. During the summer Carry plans to either find an internship in a hospital setting or get a job. She wants to find an internship based on her major to see if she will really like it before she graduates and just get a feel for what the job requires. For finals Carry is semi-stressing on her Medical Terminology class because even though it is a one unit course there is a lot expected from memorizing the terms to the homework load in the class. As for Karen she is a freshman and as she stated she felt her expectation for college was going to be more challenging than her first year has been. Overall, Karen has had a good year and has taken five classes in both semesters this year. As for summer, Karen will be in summer school enrolled in the Economics and perhaps in history as well at a community college. Lastly, the classes Karen is mostly stressing about for finals is her calculus class as well as her Economics class part A. Overall, these two ladies have very busy schedules even in different majors, yet have their summers planned out and are ready for the end of this semester as I am too. 🙂

Wk 14- Art Experience- Sketching in the CSULB Japanese Garden

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This week’s art activity was at the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden at CSULB. I found this art experience very peaceful perhaps it was the setting which I found very tranquil. Moreover, I felt I got more intrigued at the sketches the further I went through the activity. My favorite one was C2 5-minute Contour Drawing- The Garden, I love it the most since it is not exactly alike the actual scenic view. However, when reading the title of this sketch it was totally different from what I thought one had to do. That is since to me the word contour means one is trying to define something or outline it such as when I contour my cheekbones with my make up. Therefore, when I read the instructions for this sketch I was curious to see what the results would be. In addition, the first 10 sketches done had me thinking it was going to be really easy since 30 seconds could possibly be enough for a sketch. I was totally wrong when I tried doing them, it felt as if 30 seconds where up when I was barely going to make a mark. Overall, this activity was really peaceful and I enjoyed it a lot.

Wk 14- Classmate Conversation- Priscilla Mota


I am glad I met Priscilla this week because I bonded with her very well on several things we talked about. Apart from being a sweet person she is very inspirational. After spending a while with Priscilla she is someone to look up to as someone who does not give up and let any obstacle get in the way from accomplishing her goals. She is a junior like me and a nursing student. However, she is waiting to transfer to a private to continue pursue her interest in nursing. Other than school Priscilla enjoys watching movies and dancing like doing Zumba. Even though she is not currently working right now she does babysit and is now in the process of training to becoming a volunteer at St. Mary’s Hospital which is has to do a total of 280 hours. Overall, my time with Priscilla was very nice and really enjoyed her company at the Japanese Garden at CSULB.



WK 13- Classmate Conversation- Anthony Estalilla


This week I had a conversation with Anthony Estalilla who has quite a busy life compared to mine. We spoke about how stressed out he finds himself especially now with midterms coming up right before finals. In addition, he was carrying a whole bottle of Starbucks’s iced espresso flavored caramel macchiato which shows what his pick-up was to continue begin awake. Moreover, not only is Anthony focusing in school but also being a shift lead at his work Poke Kai and being the Vice President of his fraternity. He is actually very excited he is the vice president because he is looking forward to reestablishing what brotherhood is and making other executive decisions. Especially since he knows his fraternity can live up to the potentials of brotherhood. For this weekend he had a lot going on with performing in a talent show for a sorority at Cal State Fullerton and then had a philanthropy event of feeding the homeless. With so much going on in his life he finds himself busy and does not know how he does it without car. To me Anthony is an example of proving one can do anything and overcome any obstacle in this case Anthony does everything he enjoys without having a car and managing his time.


WK 13- Artist Conversation- Laura Lopez

WK 12- Artist Conversation- Jacob Hogan

Wk 12 – Art Experience- Ethnography

This ethnographic experience was mind blowing! At first I was looking forward to this activity, yet after the first twenty minutes I honestly started feeling impatient. I felt impatient because I did not start doing anything to keep me busy and the ability of not using my phone was getting to me. I realized I am constantly using my phone 24/7 for literally everything and it was hard to break that attachment. However, afterwards I did begin to read for an upcoming test and found it helpful since I was able to concentrate, yet hard at the same time by having to adjust to the use of candle lights only. Afterwards, I got tired and went to sleep.

1) My thoughts on this experience were that it was going to make me feel completely stress and I was not going to be able to go through it the whole night.

2) This activity was harder than I thought since it took away something that I take for granted, that is electricity.

3) At first when I was not doing anything I found myself impatient, but it eventually turned out being soothing and liberating.

4) Before I laid down I felt my eyes tired and uncomfortable from reading, but when I laid down I felt a relief and slept very comfortable.

5) Living without electricity is more organic since the production of electricity generates waste and gases such as greenhouse gases, therefore without electricity Earth gets less harmed by one of many factors already affecting it.

6) Living without electricity could be limiting, but if it was completely gone, the use of solar panels would still be available. I would definitely find it limiting since I usually depend on my desk lamp while doing homework after 12 A.M. on a typical school night.

7) I definitely think people survived without constant stimulation in the case of electricity. I believe so because people could look forward to the moment of bonding when the sun went down and gathered around a fire. In addition, before electricity in my opinion I think people took advantage of their time of day, so by sun down they had already finished their day chores.

8) My ideal level of life activity based on the use of electricity would be to have the same use of electricity I have today, yet the only thing I would change would be to change my form of communication with friends and even when meeting strangers since we all depend on social media via the use of electronics to plan any social gathering.



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